Speaking From the Heart- Abby E. Gooch

    Adored by many, Abby is the perfect match to lead your team to their full potential and personal power! With breakthrough techniques, teachings and interactive exercises, Abby will have you either on the edge of your seat or off it completely!

    Abby’s gift is to guide her audience to the powerful knowing of their intuition and the infinite love within their hearts allows one to experience the potential within to be activated into action! With her story of personal transformation and success, she will share with you the simply steps to creating the life and experience you desire.

    You Will Walk Away With 5-Secrets of Success:

    • How to connect with your inner power and innate knowing
    • How to transform negative emotions, beliefs and experience into gifts
    • How to put your intuition into action and create the results you want
    • What really makes someone want to work with you or get to know you
    • How to connect with the truth of you and open up your heart to receive all that you are

    If you are looking for an enthusiastic speaker that everyone will be talking about into the future then look no further! As a successful entrepreneur, Abby brings practical experience about life while providing intuitive insights that will leave everyone asking for more.


    An Interactive Approach;

    Abby uses the latest techniques along with her vibrant personality to engage your audience and share life changing information that will not only open your hearts but your minds as well.


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    "Abby is a devoted, very pleasant and very knowledgeable intuitive instructor. Students enjoy her classes and benefit greatly from her experience and knowledge."

    -Faye Yoursly, School of Healing Arts

    "Abby provided a interactive workshop for our practice members a few years ago and did a fabulous job! She is great presenter and very effective at her work."

    -Michelle Hsu, chiropractor

    "I met Abby at Life Force Connection through NCWIN (North County Women In Networking) she was our spotlight speaker during our luncheon and did a wonderful job with her presentation, she's sweet, knowledgeable and professional she made the women in our group feel empowered.

    Thank you Abby for all the good you do for others."

    -Renea Dale

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