The Intuitive Factor:

The Intuitive Factor is the first module Intuitive Success Coaching, a step by step process that connects you with your intuition to heal and create the life you desire. During this process you will learn how to activate the innate Life Force energy within to be your guide as your intuition speaks through you as the voice of your soul.

In this module we teach the foundational principles of intuitive activation system through the 7-main chakra centers to help you integrate and have a full body experience of your intuitive self. These energetic centers are listed below as they relate to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. By activating and balancing these centers, you naturally come into alignment with your highest potential and soul's infinite love.

7-Chakras of The Intuitive Factor Taught To Deepen Your Intuition:

1st Chakra:  Experience your capacity to feel safe, loved, connected to the earth, and financially supported. This chakra ushers in a sense of belonging and activates your inner knowing to both listen and follow your intuition.

2nd Chakra: Discover your ability to feel and reveal your deepest truths, secrets and inner passions. When this chakra is properly activated you will experience a natural sense of well-being by honoring each of your emotions and finding the gift in them. In addition this chakra ignites your childlike sense of wonder in the world that will fuel your soul’s purpose and intuitive knowing.

NLP training,intuitive training,intuitive classes,psychic training3rd Chakra: This chakra facilitates the inner growth that your soul is calling for and invites you to step fully into your power. With your personal will activated and balanced you will learn how to make healthy choices for yourself while taking personal responsibility for your life, believing in yourself, honoring your boundaries, and finding what it means for you to live an EMPOWERED LIFE!

4th Chakra: This chakra center is where our lower three chakras of the physical world meet with our upper three chakras of a more ethereal energy. It is the gateway to your intuition and the energetic center for love. Because the fourth chakra represents an open and forgiving heart, balancing this center allows you to uncover your deepest soul’s essence and love like you have never loved before!

5th Chakra: The fifth chakra is the center for your authentic truth and soul’s expression. It governs your ability to communicate your truth and express your deepest heart’s desire through your words, writing and body language. It is the center for your creativity and when liberated from fear, has an infinite capacity to create!

6th Chakra: Your personal center for intention, vision and psychic insights. This chakra is intended to support you in the visualization and manifestation for your soul’s development. The power of your vision is virtually unstoppable when it is aligned with your heart and illuminated by your soul.

7th Chakra: Your divine connection to your Higher Self, God and the entirety of the Universe. Through your seventh chakra you can receive intuitive wisdom, clarity and guidance to support both you and others. This is where psychic information is received and then translated through your sixth chakra of vision, fifth chakra of truth, fourth chakra of love, third chakra of your personal decision, the second chakra of intuition and first chakra of your personal knowing and safety. It is also the energy center where you can make conscious contact with your guides and angels.

In this class we also focus on the development of your intuition by opening your channels of clairvoyance (inner seeing), clairaudience (inner hearing), and (clairsentience) inner knowing. Activating your intuition allows you to experience a whole new world, a life that is guided by your heart and confirmed by your knowing.

"Where do I start…in real time I’ve only known Abby for a month now, but in my heart it feels like forever. Learning from and working with Abby Gooch through her life success coaching training is easy on the mind, healing on the heart, opens doors in my intuition like presto and most of all igniting possibilities within me i had not seen yet for myself. Abby is the embodiment of light, energy and sparkling enthusiasm, a golden cocktail which helped me get in contact with my Higher Self and the message it had for me in just under a months time. I more than ever belief that we are interdepending on making contact with the world around us, for us to be able to find our inner gifts and share them with the world around us...i am so grateful that Abby Gooch is one of these key figures in my development of Self. If you are serious in wanting to know the depths of who you really are and are more than curious what potential lies dormant within you, then strap up and join Abby on an adventure of a life time...I recommend it and dare you...just jump! With much love and even more gratitude." - Desirée.

Live In Class Video Clip: Is It Safe To Follow My Intuition?

Student Video Testimonal:

"Abby is a gifted intuitive life coach -- she has a gentle way of guiding you to your own wisdom. I highly recommend Abby to anyone who is ready to live the life of their dreams!"
-Donna Pinto, Kids for Peace;

"Abby performs with a high degree of heart and skill in her therapeutic work. She has performed the miraculous for healing and outcome achievement."
- Michael Bennett, Bennett Stellar University

"Abby Gooch is one of the most inspirational woman I have ever had the good fortune to meet. She is a woman filled with dedication and passion to her work. She offers so many valuable resources to every client and to the world at large."
- Janis Erickson, Lightworks Seminars International

"Abby is friendly, kindly, courageous, patient and wise… she possesses sterling qualities. Her perseverance and dedication in successfully achieving her goals is impressive. She has worked hard and it is seldom that one finds an individual who embodies high ideals, integrity and mature judgment as exemplified by Abby.

In my experience with Abby, I have found her to be extremely enthusiastic about life with an upbeat and encouraging approach as she demonstrates sensitivity and a singular rapport with everyone. She most definitely practices what she preaches. Abby always conducts herself in a professional manner. She is punctual, reliable, and responsible and serves as an exemplary role model. "

Paul Greer
Associate Professor, Health and Exercise Science
San Diego City College"

"Abby is an amazing human being. She is very tentative and aware of people’s needs on a higher level. Abby brings a level of integrity to any situation and serves as a model for others to follow. Abby Gooch is one the kindest people I have ever been privileged to know."
- Beverly Montgomery

"Abby is truly sincere in her desire to inspire others with her work. She is intuitively gifted, going the extra mile to be of assistance in sharing energy, information and guidance with her clients. And she has a great sense of humor!!! I highly recommend Abby's work."
- Abigail Kahair


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