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All successful business owners know, intuition can be the one thing that sets you apart from the status quo and into alignment with the highest potential in any given moment.

81% of CEO’s Have It? Do You?

In a study conducted by Professor John Mihalasky of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, it was found that CEOs who performed best in tests of intuition also tended to be the ones with the highest profit growth in a space of 5 years in their respective businesses:

Silva Intuition System | People with Intuition attract more wealth

The results are stunning.

Over 81% of CEOs who scored a high ranking in an intuition test managed to increase their company’s profitability by over 100% over 5 years.

In comparison, approximately 25% of those who scored average and below average managed to do the same.

These findings suggest that — having a high intuitive ability made these CEO’s a whopping 226% better at making money than those who didn’t!

If you are looking to increase your traditional business metrics, make more wealth or be more successful in your current business then connecting with your Intuition will provide you with the answers you seek. Isn't it time to turn your passion into action and take your business to new heights? Come soar with Life Force Connection and let Abby show you how to propel your business beyond the competition getting the results you have only dreamed about with our Business Mastery Certification Class!

The Certification process contains three primary modules; Business Basics, Business Mastery and Practical Application. During these modules you will learn everything you need to know to launch your own business or master your current one! Let Abby show you how to increase your intuitive ability and intuitive knowing to harness your own inner power and grow your business beyond your current belief.

“Abby is proof positive of the Power of Intention. Already moving toward the goals I had set for myself in my expanding legal practice concerning client generation/attention, streamlining my organizational structure, gross and net revenues, and doing all of this while retaining a certain elan about myself and those I associate with both professionally and personally, my consults with Abby over a two-month period resulted in a dramatic increase in all these areas: the most measurable of which--from traditional metrics-- gross/net revenues, doubled, as did the number of business associates with whom I network as an attorney. Abby is someone who possesses and promulgates "soft" skills, the implementation of which in your professional and for that matter personal life result in dramatic, measurable, "hard" results--hard not in the sense of derived through difficulty--on the contrary--results came to me like water flowing from a faucet--rather hard in the sense of measurable and sustainable.”

-Charles Marshal, Attorney at Law


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