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Hello, I’m Abby Gooch the President and Founder of Life Force Connection. When I first opened my company ten years ago, I trusted the knowing both within me and my clients to provide the answer and safe pathway to accomplish their greatest dreams, goals, and visions. I knew that this power within each individual contained the wisdom and knowledge needed to fulfill their deepest heart’s desires.

My role as an intuitive is to simply shine the light on your greatness and help you see your gifts, soul purpose and the solutions to overcome life’s challenges. We are constantly given new opportunities to grow more into who we really are and it requires strength to approach each situation with the wisdom of our intuition rather than to quickly react based in fear.

My style is gentle yet direct. I believe in going straight for the gold, straight into the heart of the matter and into your intuitive core. I will challenge you to do what you have never thought possible, to trust yourself more than ever before, and to step into the greatness that you are. Your new path awaits…

Life Force Connection simply is an avenue for you to find yourself, your gifts, and ability to create both a life and business that you love. Our online coaching programs, in person classes and personalized coaching options provide you with a way to discover this for yourself. Please visit our integrative modalities page to see how the Intuitive Success Coaching Process works.

As coaching and intuitive development certification school we offer programs that help you to better utilize your intuition, gifts, an as well as center for business/personal coaching. Please click on the links below for our current offerings:

A: Online Training Programs (Coming Soon)
B: In-Person Certification Classes, San Diego CA
C: One-On-One Coaching

Our mediation CD downloads, follow-along workbooks, books, and Miracle of U audio program are also very helpful to get
re-connected with your intuition and take confident steps forward in the direction of your dreams.

Sometimes it’s just one intuitive insight that can turn your life around…

Awakening To Your Inner Wisdom Meditation CD download
Intuitive Success Training Online
The Miracle of U Audio CD download and workbook
Touch The Light Book

I hope that you will join us on our mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity to that of love, to seeing the truth within each other and ourselves by living from our intuitive knowing.

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