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Fully Access Your Intuitive Wisdom

The innate knowing of your intuition can guide you through the toughest and the best times of your life. Listening to your intuition gives you access to the highest wisdom available. It speaks to you directly. The power of your intuition contains the very essence of Your Spirit and has the ability to direct you on your soul's path.

Join us for an interactive workshop to develop your intuition... Learn how to activate and listen to this innate wisdom within you. At this workshop you will learn how to connect with your intuition, receive guidance, and align with your highest potential.

A beautiful day planned for you to bask in your greatness and open to the gifts within- relax into the stillness of your own presence.

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The Intuitive Factor

Activating Your Divine Potential Learn how to activate your divine potential by opening the channels of your Life Force energy to clear and balance your seven chakra centers to experience:

      • The essence of your soul
      • The power of love and forgiveness
      • How to connect with your inner truth and authentic voice
      • Keys to breaking free from the limitations of the mind and past conditioned responses
      • How to activate your soul purpose and passion in life, and put it into action!

In this beautiful journey into the heart and soul of who you are, you will re-discover your connection to life, the essence of your soul, and the power of love and forgiveness in your life. With step by step guidance to align you with your highest potential, authentic truth and soul purpose these teachings will help you to put into action what you KNOW to live an inspired life!

Coming in November:
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Breakthrough Your blocks with NLP

January 4th & 5th

Monetizing Your Gifts

March 1st & 2nd

Guides and Guidance

May 3rd & 4th 


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