Intuitive Success Coaching Certification:

Monetize Your Gifts To Create A Business & Life You Love!

The Intuitive Success Coaching Certification Program teaches you how to access the infinite Life Force energy of your soul's wisdom within you to heal and create the life you desire. It's practical approach teaches you how to apply your intuition to your day to day life to create astounding results.

The Intuitive Success Coaching Process is based on the foundational principles of unconditional love and non-judgement to free up the energetic blockages between you and what you want to create in your life. By applying these principles you can access the resources within you to create a life and business you love.

Because the wisdom of your intuition is so powerful, we incorporate business principles to assist you in either growing your current business or starting a new one. With interactive class exercises and life changing perspectives, we teach you how to align with your values, your gifts, and goals. Together we work as a community to uplift, inspire and support each other into the next level of personal and professional expansion. 

The Intuitive Success Coaching Process is comprised of 3-Main components. We refer to these as "factors:"
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1. The Intuitive Factor:

Activates each of your intuitive centers to access the intuitive wisdom and guidance within you. As you move up the chakra centers from your foundation to your crowing glory, you can feel what it is to have Life Force Connection to the Universe flowing through you - a step by step support system to find safety and security within, to trust yourself, step into your personal power and lead with an open and forgiving heart to express the truth of who you are and live your vision by aligning to the highest potential within you.

2. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Factor:

Rewires your brain for success by releasing trauma and fear from the body-mind system, healing from past upset and pain, and reprograms the subconscious mind where all long term learning and change take place with new positive emotional resources and beliefs that support you!

3. The Intuitive Business Factor:logo

Discover and monetize your gifts to create a business that supports you and our world... This is where what you know and love come together into practical application!

In this course we will cover the energetic principles for manifesting and bringing business, clients, and money to you. You will learn how energy works and how the energetic field of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies all work together in conjunction with your intuition for your highest good. By learning these principles of creation, you will learn how to increase your income and attract more customers to you just by being you and following your intuition!

This course also covers how to give an Intuitive Success Coaching Session and how to help your clients at the deepest level of their being. You may even find you develop your own course as a result of taking this program!

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Connect with your internal guidance
  • Break through blocks that once held you back
  • Step into your power and personal freedom
  • Start a business
  • Gain confidence, clarity and direction
  • Connect/Establish trust with potential clients and paying clients
  • Market and represent your new business
  • Understand intuition and how it plays a role in your life to successfully create a business and maintain it
  • Monetize your gifts and intuition
  • Make a difference in our world...

In this course you will be given the step by step Intuitive Success Coaching Process to build a solid personal foundation and business structure to support your highest potential and soul’s purpose.

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"I am beginning to witness my dream unfold.  For the past 19 years I have tried many times to launch a fashion business that consistently failed.  From the depths of my heart I always knew that part of my life journey was to be the owner of a thriving business.  Since connecting with Abby my dream is coming to life.  Slowly but surely.  Abby's process is effortless and fluid unlike all my previous exhaustive attempts.  Abby's trustworthiness and honesty initially attracted me to the program.  The process is organic,  smoothe and magical.  Her techniques are precise and yield positive results.......culminating in a better understanding of ones's life purpose."

- Tamara Kasim, Yoga Teacher, Fashion Designer

“Abby is proof positive of the Power of Intention. Already moving toward the goals I had set for myself in my expanding legal practice concerning client generation/attention, streamlining my organizational structure, gross and net revenues, and doing all of this while retaining a certain elan about myself and those I associate with both professionally and personally, my consults with Abby over a two-month period resulted in a dramatic increase in all these areas: the most measurable of which--from traditional metrics-- gross/net revenues, doubled, as did the number of business associates with whom I network as an attorney. Abby is someone who possesses and promulgates "soft" skills, the implementation of which in your professional and for that matter personal life result in dramatic, measurable, "hard" results--hard not in the sense of derived through difficulty--on the contrary--results came to me like water flowing from a faucet--rather hard in the sense of measurable and sustainable.”

-Charles Marshal, Attorney at Law

"Abby Gooch is not just a teacher, she is a manifestation of love and compassion. Abby teaches you in her courses how to help other people with love and compassion. When you take one of Abby's courses, you and the other students work on each other with these techniques. You really make changes in your life. I will never be the same. I really want to recommend Abby Gooch, she will change your life.

- Meg Smart

"Abby is extremely gifted at what she does. She helped me increase my patient load by 50%, helped me with my intuition and productivity to better help my patients, my satisfaction with my career, my profitability, and this happened in a rapid 2-week period. It's been almost 3- months now, and my Acupuncture clinic is better than it ever has been! I would highly recommend Abby to anyone who needs help in any aspect of bringing their business, and themselves, to the highest potential it can be!"

-Mieko Sei, Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist

Videos From Students...

"I'm a business man. I'm not quite as "New Age" warm & fuzzy, as I would imagine some of Abby's other clients are. I don't do yoga and I don't own any crystals. But I do appreciate results. Abby Gooch has produced results in my personal & financial life that have been rapid and dramatic. I have been to all the seminars and read all the books. I know how to think positive and be highly effective. What Abby helped me learn was what, I personally, needed to change, why I wasn't choosing to change, and what to do to solve all that. That took three weeks. It worked. I can't think of a higher recommendation one could give."

- Frederick L. Shelton, Attorney at Law

Abby's name means to give joy. The joy that I found by knowing Abby and going through her program not only brought joy, but inspired the miracles in my heart to become a reality. Her facilitation of meditation, contemplation, and the Divine source that unifies us all pushed my soul’s vibration back into then light. My purpose, my gifts, and a new way of recognizing who I really am still continues to be impacted by the tools, training, and nurturing from Abby.

Abby is a leader who has used her life lessons to develop the curriculum to LFC. Her awareness of her connection with the divine through relationships with ourselves and others has brought me and so many others the gift of joy, peace and love. She's a servant leader who does what it takes to help her students become connected to their life’s purpose. Abby keeps it real and if you are ready you open yourself growing in ways which is not only possible in a dream – this is your time to manifest it into reality!

- Erin Crutcher, Nutrition Specialist

Thank you so much for coming into my life and being my new friend. As of today I've already hit my minimum business goal and I have been keying in on my focus points and just the overall energy. On top of that I received a few more messages that I'll push me to my monthly sales goal. I know it's not all about that but you're right it works! I l could just give you a huge hug right now and thank you!! Thank you for your trust and wisdom.

– Kara Churchhill, Personal Trainer

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12-Month Program Includes:

Certification: Intuitive Success Coach (upon completion of all classes, practice hours and coaching).

$97/month or $1,000 in full for interactive video classes and worksheets of the step by step process

$333/month or $3,000 in full for weekly group coaching sessions (10 students per class via online face to face connection) plus interactive video classes and worksheets of the step by step process

* Group Coaching Enrollment Dates: April 15th, 2017 & September 20th, 2017

$527/month or $6,000 in full for weekly private coaching sessions plus interactive video classes and worksheets of the step by step process

$1,000/month or $10,000 in full for weekly private coaching sessions, 2 private VIP weekends with Abby, plus student rate for International Retreat with One Heart Global (, interactive video classes and worksheets of the step by step process

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