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The chakra system is often referred to as the energetic centers of the body that govern specific areas of our physical self, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Each chakra represents a different frequency and can be related to color, sound, and language whether verbal or non-verbal. You can learn about the different chakras and ways to balance your chakras through activities, mind-set and other powerful techniques in our chakra classes here at Life Force Connection.

First Chakra- Foundation, governs blood, bones, immune system. Center for safety, finances, security and the feeling of being welcomed and wanted in the world.
If you feel insecure, worried about money or being loved, that is a sign of an imbalanced chakra. No worries, you will just need to learn how to balance it!

Second Chakra- Feeling Center, governs the sexual and re-productive organs, the bladder and lower intestine. Center of the inner child, our feelings and ability to enjoy the richness of life through our senses.
If you feel depressed, sad, emotionally drained, tired, or even shut off from your own desires to experience pleasure through sex, exercise, nature, food, or any other physical senses, you may want to consider learning more about this chaka and how to balance it.

Third chakra- Power Center, governs the stomach, pancreas, upper intestines, gallbladder, liver and lower back. Center of our personal power, where we set our intentions and connect with our motivations, will-power and decision. This center is also where we feel our own personal power in relation to another and life.
If you feel that it’s hard to hold your ground, or be in the presence of another without losing yourself, you may want to look into balancing this chakra. If it’s hard to make a decision and stick with it, or you feel confused as to your real motivation in life, this will be a great chakra to balance. Make sure to start with the foundation though to achieve the highest state of balance, this is true for all chakras above the foundational level.

Fourth Chakra- Heart Center, governs the heart, circulation, breasts, and arteries. Center of love and where we feel connection to others, life and our own love. It’s the gateway to God and to your Higher Self. Also is the center of forgiveness.
If your heart feels closed down or shut off, unwilling to forgive, lonely or isolated, you may want to consider balancing this chakra.

Fifth Chakra- Expression Center, governs the throat, thyroid, trachea, esophagus, neck, mouth, teeth, and ears. It is the center of communication and where we speak our truth from. This chakra is also connected to your second chakra in the sense that when you feel your truth and speak it, your are in alignment with both your feeling center (2nd chakra) and your self-expression (5th chakra.)
If you feel like it’s difficult to speak up to others, say no or speak your truth, this chakra may need some balancing.

Sixth Chakra- Vision Center, governs the head, eyes, and all sense organs. This is the center of clairvoyance (the ability to see through our third eye), our intuition, imagination, perception, and personal vision.
If you tend to over analyze a situation, get frequent headaches, or feel like you are over thinking or working your brain, you may want to give your sixth chakra some time to re-balance itself and center into the knowing of your ability to create the life you want.
A sentence to finish for this chakra is, ” I see for myself….”

Seventh Chakra- Soul Center, governs the brain stem, spinal cord, nervous system and pineal gland.  This center is where your Higher Self and spiritual awareness connects with the whole of life and you are able to receive guidance, insight, clarity and direction. This usually comes in the form of visions, gut feelings, and internal guidance.
If you are feeling un-certain or un-clear, you may want to consider balancing this chakra to usher in more peace, clarity and insight.
If there are any areas where you feel weak or are experiencing physical discomfort in, you will want to learn more about that particular chakra and ways to balance it. It’s best to start with the foundation and work upwards, that way you build a solid structure for yourself to support your physical and emotional well-being.

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