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After being urged for months by friends and colleagues, I am finally bringing my energetic self to the general public as an Energetic Healer, Tinkerer or Transitional Master. Over the years I have studied many energetic modalities and experienced some amazing things, some might say are nothing short of miraculous! When we allow our higher selves to flow through us and we connect with our own divinity, we can truly live a life of passion and purpose with grace and ease!  Bridging the Gap between our energetic beings and the 3d Reality our physical bodies reside in, can be a daunting task when you are trying to juggle all of life’s challenges and your own awakening.

I spent twenty years working in the Automotive Industry as a Senior Manager for a Fortune 50 Company in multiple locations spanning two countries.  While this job was in many ways the American Dream to my energetic side it was more of a bad dream. Working many hours per week and fighting my inner knowing finally wore me out, I got tired of the Rat Race and quit Corporate America to find true happiness and freedom living life on more spiritual terms.  The Journey has been anything short of interesting, from being an usher at the world renowned Agape Spiritual Center to participating as the third member of a group called the Trinity, a spiritual calling to activate light grids and open dimensional portals allowing more light workers into our dimensional space! Sounds a bit like Science Fiction but over the last few years, Quantum Science and Wizardry have been getting closer than many people realize. I have had the good fortune to have some amazing teachers and gifted friends along the way such as Michael Bernard Beckwith, Spiritual Leader, Abby Gooch, Intuitive & Reiki Teacher, Grace Cavanaugh, Channel and Michelle Wolford, ND. These individuals have touched my heart and soul and brought me closer to being the real me than any others. They have inspired me to share my gifts with the world, to be of service and follow my heart instead of my head!

I gave up everything in this reality that most would consider was my identity to seek the true me. I realized that it is not what we have or what our job is that makes us who we are but the choices we make in life to follow our heart and our soul. I truly believe that we should think with our hearts and speak with our heads as too many people think they are their egos! To often people get caught up in the lower vibrations of societal norms, media communications and false beliefs instead of following their own path based in harmony and love.  I am very much on a spiritual journey, a journey of the soul, a journey of the mind, a journey to reveal the real me!

This amazing journey has connected me with many great people and experiences that have brought some wonderful technologies and energetic teachings that I am open to share with those on a vibrational level ready to receive my gifts and wisdom.  Please go through my website and see if any of the modalities I use resonate with you as I am here to help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be based on love and light! If you are ready or feel open to some wonderful experiences, come walk with me……

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    "There is a genuine kinded heart energy that infuses Abby s knowledge and gifted skills in her work that opens space for ones clarity and strength , a step stone to moving forward...."

    -Minouche -Healing and Spiritual guidance

    "Abby is a wonderful Life Coach that sees you for who you are and caters to your individual needs. Her insight is invaluable."

    -Williow Buckley

    "I hired Abby for a few sessions to help me through a challenging time. Her intuition is spot on and she's very encouraging. I appreciated her timely wisdom."

    -Suzan Tuson-McNeil

    "Abby is a gifted intuitive life coach -- she has a gentle way of guiding you to your own wisdom. I highly recommend Abby to anyone who is ready to live the life of their dreams!"

    -Donna Pinto, Kids for Peace;

    Illuminating The Path of Your Highest Potential

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