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- The Miracle of U CD Series, How to Bring Your Purpose to Life!


A three-month comprehensive program which can stand-alone or accompany personal sessions with Abby (sold seperately). This is a 6-Disc CD audio series with accompanying workbook. The Miracle of U audio CD set can be purchased below:

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Note: If you purchase the 3-month coaching program you will receive The Miracle of U CD Series for FREE. Click here to learn more about this personal coaching option.



Miracle of U

Touch the Light Book

A guided inward journey into the heart of your intuition. In this book you will learn Universal principles of love, forgivenss and healing to then manifest your heart's desires. Discover how to develop your intuition to guide, support and protect you on your soul's path.


Touch the Light

"Touch The Light is a path to freedom...

- Elizabeth Brewer"

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A captivating masterpiece of voice and music, Abby E. Gooch and Tiffany Allen Pittenger will take you on a journey of making conscious contact with your soul to hear your inner wisdom. Allow your heart to resonate to the beauty of awakening to your own inner wisdom.

Recorded by: Dan Rabb Studios
Music by: Tiffany Allen Pittenger

Book and CD:  "It was my Star" by Theresa Gooch and Barbara Irwin


book with CD: “It was my Star"
by Theresa Gooch & Barbara Irwin

Hardcover: $16.97
Reading Level: 9-12

A richly illustrated children's book about a group of young campers absorbed by the wonders of a starry night as they listen to messages affirming their loving, perfect nature and ability to be whatever they want to be in life. Captures the hearts of children and adults alike. The included CD narrates the story and includes Gina Edge and her guitar - so sing along !

"As a former teacher turned therapist and advocate of empowering self-esteem in children and adults, I can only rave about It Was My Star. I am now recommending it to all my clients." -Cezanna Christyne Malter, MS, ND

"You've changed my life so much just by that wonderful, wonderful book. I’m so grateful. Now I will always remember I am a star!!!"
 - M. Parks, 13 year old student

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Book: The Journey that Never Was by David Paul Doyle and Candace Doyle


book: “The Journey That Never Was”
by DavidPaul Doyle & Candance Doyle

Paperback: $17.95

For anyone who desires to hear God’s Voice within them — empowering them to receive guidance and support in all areas of their life‚ — from how to find true peace in a world filled with war, poverty, and injustice to overcoming fears, addiction, and even death. And it’s available to everyone‚ — right now.

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